It’s summertime in the south, and you know what that means– hot temps, high humidity, and–if all goes to plan– a blasting AC to keep you comfortable throughout it all. That said, if you don’t prioritize regular HVAC maintenance, it’s possible that you could run into some snafus during the hottest days of the year. Taking care of your HVAC system and incorporating some of these Chattanooga summer HVAC tips into your maintenance routine can help ensure that you and yours stay cool this season.

Stay Cool with These Chattanooga Summer HVAC TipsTip 1: Filters

Changing out your air filters is imperative not only for indoor air quality purposes but also in regard to keeping your HVAC system operating properly and efficiently. When your air filters are dirty, your HVAC has to work harder to circulate air through them, impeding the system’s overall performance. If you have pets or a particularly dusty space, it’s even more important to regularly change out the air filters so your HVAC can do its thing unencumbered.

Tip 2: Ceiling Fans

Are you a fan of fans? Installing ceiling fans into your home or building can help increase the efficiency of your ac unit exponentially. In fact, according to the US Department of Energy, you could raise your thermostat by four degrees while using ceiling fans, and feel no difference in your comfort level indoors. Fans work to help circulate air, working in conjunction with your HVAC unit to cool your space.

Tip 3: Insulation

Contrary to popular belief, insulation isn’t only for winter time. Insulation in your home or building works to slow the rate of heat transfer, which is actually applicable in both cold and hot climates. In the winter, insulation serves to stop the flow of heat from leaving your home, and in the summer, it works to keep the heat from entering your home. If you’ve noticed that your spaces are not easily maintaining set temperatures, you could have an issue with insulation.

Stay Cool with These Chattanooga Summer HVAC TipsTip 4: Thermostat Check

Another tip for ensuring your spaces stay properly cooled during the summer is making sure your thermostat is operating as it should. If you’ve noticed that your AC can’t seem to keep up, it’s either that your air conditioner itself is in disrepair, or that your thermostat isn’t working properly. It might be a great time to consider upgrading your thermostat for a programmable, wifi thermostat for fuller functionality and efficiency. You can set these to a specific schedule so your system runs exactly when you need it to, and doesn’t when you don’t. This is a great way to consider energy and save on electric bills.

Tip 5: Regular HVAC Maintenance

Another tip for staying cool in the hotter months is staying on a maintenance schedule for your HVAC. This is an easy piece of homeownership to neglect until you have a problem. That said, having your system maintained regularly means you won’t have to worry so much about breakdowns, which can be terribly uncomfortable during times of extreme weather. At Keith Heating & Air, we offer bi-annual maintenance services so you can always rest assured your HVAC components are operating at peak performance, while also avoiding breakdowns and emergencies. Contact us today to get started, and stay cool this summer, friends!