As temperatures start to rise it’s time to start back up the AC units. But sometimes, after months without use, issues can develop within your air conditioners. When it comes to air conditioning repair near you, there are several things you’ll want to consider before you hire someone to handle the job.

1– Tenured AC Repair

Do you want someone fiddling with your equipment who has no idea what they’re doing? Probably not, but unfortunately newer companies and contractors lack the experience our mechanics have. At Keith Heating & Air we have a strong history with 40 years under our belts running a family-owned business. We know all about providing the best possible services to the Chattanooga, East Ridge, Fort Oglethorpe, Ringgold, and Rossville areas.

2– Knowledgeable of the Area

You’ll want air conditioning repair near you with a good reputation within the community. Larger chains have one-size-fits-all solutions, but not all air is the same. You want someone taking care of your home and your AC repair who cares about the outcome and isn’t going to upsell you things you don’t need. At Keith Heating & Air our business lives and breathes by local word of mouth, so your satisfaction means the world to us.

3– Air Conditioning with Bills in Mind

Your air conditioning is critical for your quality of life and general comfort. You’ll want not only the best products but the equipment that is the most fitting for your specific space. Efficiency is key, because efficiency helps monthly bills. Our team at Keith Heating & Air works to make sure your air set up isn’t just working properly, but also efficiently.

4– Neighborly Financial Assistance

Does the AC repair you’ve selected offer help with budgeting and financing? Repairs and home maintenance can be pricey, especially when repair needs surprise you. At Keith Heating & Air, we offer easy-to-manage financing options to alleviate that financial stress when repair needs do arise at inopportune times.

If you have an AC repair need in the Chattanooga area, or in North Georgia, we are here for you. Get in touch with our incredible team today. We’d love to help you! And don’t forget, we even offer 24-hour emergency service.