Bi-Annual HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Bi-Annual Maintenance – HVAC Servicing Near Me

Searching for HVAC servicing near me? HVAC maintenance can get expensive, so it’s especially important to protect your investment. The best way to keep your unit running properly is to take great care of the components that keep it working smoothly.

Proper HVAC maintenance comes with a lot of benefits. It can help regulate temperatures inside the home, improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency, and lower energy costs. This is why it’s important to stay on top of maintaining HVAC systems to avoid costly repairs or replacements. For this reason, Keith Heating & Air offers bi-annual maintenance agreements to protect our customers’ HVAC units.

Twice-Per-Year Inspections

This agreement includes a 15-point HVAC system inspection performed by our expert HVAC technicians twice per year. We conduct maintenance once in April to prepare for Chattanooga’s cooling season and then again in October to prepare for the heating season. The agreement also includes one condenser coil cleaning per year.

Let us help keep your HVAC system in ship shape and working efficiently. Keith Heating & Air provides HVAC maintenance near me to ensure you and your loved ones are comfortable. By scheduling maintenance twice a year, you’ll enjoy the freshest air and avoid unnecessary expenses on your power bills. Reach out to learn more about our bi-annual service options!

HVAC Servicing Near Me FAQs

Why does Keith Heating & Air perform inspections twice per year?
We conduct maintenance inspections in April to gear up for the cooling season in the Chattanooga area we serve. We conduct inspections again in October to prepare for the heating season.

What does bi-annual servicing do to help my HVAC system?
Bi-annual service on your HVAC system has several benefits. You can expect the temperature in your home to be better regulated and improve indoor air quality. Additionally, bi-annual maintenance can improve your system’s energy efficiency and help reduce power bills.

How can I sign up for a bi-annual maintenance agreement with Keith Heating & Air?
Please contact us by filling out our contact form on our website or call us at 706-861-2630. Our staff will assist you and add you to our bi-annual service program.

What other services does Keith Heating & Air offer?
We offer several HVAC system services, including installation, repair, duct cleaning, new construction, and more. We are serving the Chattanooga area and can assist with full residential and light commercial HVAC needs.

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