Bi-Annual HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Bi-Annual Maintenance Agreements HVAC Servicing Nearby

HVAC maintenance can get expensive, and so it’s really important to protect your investment by taking great care of the components that keep it working smoothly. Proper HVAC maintenance comes with a lot of benefits from well-regulated temperatures inside the home to improved air quality to overall efficiency and lower energy costs. This is why it’s important to stay on top of maintaining HVAC systems to avoid costly repairs or replacements. For this reason, Keith Heating & Air offers bi-annual maintenance agreements to help keep things on track.

Twice-Per-Year Inspections

This agreement includes a 15-point HVAC system inspection performed by our expert technicians twice per year– once in April for Chattanooga’s upcoming cooling season, and once again in October in preparation for the heating season. The agreement also includes one condenser coil cleaning per year.

Let us help keep your HVAC system in ship-shape and working efficiently to ensure you and your loved ones are comfortable, breathing the cleanest possible air, and not spending unnecessary amounts of money on those power bills. Reach out to learn more about our bi-annual service options!

Easy Payment Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

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