Air Conditioner Not Keeping Up? Keith Heating & Air Can Help

Let Keith Heating & Air Check AC Refrigerant Levels in Your Home UnitIt’s officially summer in the south, and the temps are climbing as they tend to do. So is your air conditioner working as it should to ensure you’re comfortable despite the heat? If your AC unit isn’t cooling like you think it should, it might be time to have a professional check AC refrigerant levels, or freon, in your home unit.

Signs Your Refrigerant is Low

Refrigerant is essentially the lifesblood of your air conditioner, and without the right amount, your unit will not be able to function properly. There are a few warning signs that could indicate your system is low on freon or refrigerant including:

  1. Your energy bills are higher than usual
  2. The air coming through your vents doesn’t feel cool
  3. There is ice or frost on your AC unit
  4. Your unit is making a bubbling or hissing sound

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, the issue could be low refrigerant, but what should you do? That’s where we come in. Our team at Keith Heating and Air can assess your situation and diagnose the problem with your home AC unit, offering up the solutions you need to beat the heat this summer. We offer a full scope of HVAC repair services to ensure your comfort.

The Scoop on Freon

Freon or refrigerant is an important component of how your air conditioner cools your space, but it doesn’t run out like gas in a car does. If you are low on refrigerant, that means you have a leak somewhere in your system. That means if an HVAC technician simply tops off the refrigerant without addressing the leak itself, your issue will persist. It’s important that the professional you work with finds the leak, evacuates the system’s remaining refrigerant, repairs the leak itself, then adds the appropriate amount of freon or refrigerant for your particular system to keep it operating at peak performance.

Let Keith Heating & Air Check AC Refrigerant Levels in Your Home UnitAC Refrigerant Leak Test

Your HVAC specialist from Keith Heating & Air will perform a leak test on your AC unit in order to most efficiently and effectively diagnose and resolve the problem. Special devices help our technicians detect refrigerant that is outside the system, checking along joints and coils until the leak is detected. Once detected, the leak can be repaired and the refrigerant restored so your unit will once again operate efficiently, cooling your home.

We Can Help

The bottom line is that when the refrigerant in your unit is low, your system will experience a drop in cooling ability. The AC won’t be able to absorb enough heat through the indoor coil systems, and the result will be a cooling decline in your living spaces. If it’s time to check AC refrigerant levels in your unit, contact our expert team at Keith Heating & Air. Our technicians will quickly assess the problem and offer up viable and cost-effective solutions to keep you cool during the hottest months of the year.