Air duct cleaning services ChattanoogaWhen you own a home, there are many things you have to keep track of maintenance wise, and of course your HVAC system makes that list no doubt. But what about your duct system? Did you know that duct maintenance is just as important as maintenance for your HVAC unit itself? This step is important both for your health and for the overall performance of your HVAC system. Our team at Keith Heating & Air has six great reasons why you should take advantage of our duct cleaning services Chattanooga this spring.

1– Do You or a Family Member Suffer From Allergies?

Your HVAC system continuously circulates air throughout your home, and that air flows through your duct system. If your air ducts are inundated with dust, mold, mildew, pet dander, and other build up, those particles are also being circulated through your home. Breathing in these allergens may exacerbate sinus issues, asthma, and allergy symptoms; however duct cleaning can help you better manage the air quality in your living space.

2– Do You Have a Mold Issue?

If you have obvious mold in your home, you’ve got a problem. If you have mold growing in your duct work that you can visibly detect, you certainly need to consider professional duct cleaning as at least part of the solution. Eliminating the circulation of these harmful particles throughout your home can dramatically improve indoor air quality.

3– Do You Have Pets?

If you have pets that shed, you know that pet dander can be a real issue from a house cleaning standpoint. That pet hair and dander can also collect inside your duct work, and circulate through your home. Cleaning the ducts can help mitigate this issue, and result in more efficient HVAC performance too.

4– Do You Have a Dust Problem?

If your ducts are emitting dust particulate into your home, it’s time for a professional duct cleaning. When build up gets bad enough that the fans push dust out of the ducts to keep the air flowing freely through them, it’s an indication that your HVAC system is having to work a lot harder than it should to regulate temperature and air flow. Plus, who wants all that dust inside their home?

Air duct cleaning services Chattanooga5– Do You Like to Save Money?

Again, cleaning your duct system when it needs it can work wonders for the efficiency of your HVAC unit, meaning you can potentially save money on power bills. Debris buildup inside the duct work can cause your system to have to work overtime to keep up, but eliminating said debris allows your unit to operate as it should.

6– Have You Ever Had Them Cleaned?

If you’ve never had your ducts professionally cleaned, it’s likely a good time to do so. Especially if your home is more than five to 10 years old, you could benefit from our duct cleaning services Chattanooga. Let Keith Heating and Air help ensure the air you’re breathing at home is top quality, and that your HVAC system is working effectively as well.

Our expert staff of HVAC specialists offers professional duct cleaning services to ensure your duct system and HVAC unit are working properly for the best indoor air quality and efficiency overall. Learn more about our duct cleaning services, and contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians.