How Your HVAC System Can Promote Good Health

Proper HVAC maintenance is important for many reasons, but did you know that one of them is to help promote health and prevent illness? Ensuring your heating and cooling system is working as it should can actually promote overall wellness. Because your HVAC is the central source of airflow for your home, it’s imperative to keep it operating at peak. Indoor air quality is so important for overall health, and when your system is working as it should, the quality of air inside your space is cleaner and free from dust, contaminants, and germs that can potentially make you ill. Follow these recommendations for HVAC maintenance Chattanooga to help keep you and your family well this winter and spring!

Along with regular HVAC maintenance, you can improve your indoor air quality by regularly changing your air filters in your home.1– Clean Filters

It’s easy to get busy and forget to replace the air filters throughout your home, but this is a really important step in HVAC maintenance. A clean filter helps ensure your HVAC system can operate efficiently and safely, but it also helps to keep the ductwork throughout your home clean and free of dust, mold, and debris as well. Trust us, you don’t want to be breathing that stuff in inside your own home!

Make it easier on yourself by keeping a few spare, clean filters for your house on hand, and maybe even set calendar reminders to help you remember to change out the filters regularly. Your lungs will thank you!

*How often should you change the air filters in your space?

This depends on several factors including type of filter used, size of your home, presence of pets, and whether anyone in the household suffers from allergies. Fiberglass filters should be replaced roughly every 30 days, whereas pleated filters can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Follow the instructions on your air filters for more detailed information and recommendations for a replacement schedule.

2– Clean Your Air Vents

Air vents seem to have a special talent for collecting dust and debris. It’s important to keep your air vents clean to promote free air flow, and cleaner air moving through your home. Periodically you should turn off your HVAC system and assess your vents to ensure they’re clean.

Keeping your vents and grilles clean is another important part of HVAC maintenance Chattanooga, and helps improve indoor air quality.3– Schedule a Duct Cleaning with a Professional

In the same way your air filters and vents/grilles get dirty over time, so does your duct system. The ducts throughout your home can become bogged down with dust and debris that circulates through your space lowering indoor air quality. We recommend having our team perform a professional duct cleaning to ensure your ducts are clean and the air passing through them into your living spaces is free of dust, dander, and bacteria that can make you ill.

4– Regular HVAC Maintenance

One of the most important ways to ensure high indoor air quality in your home is staying on top of routine HVAC maintenance. This service will also ensure your system is operating efficiently, and can help you catch and address minor issues before they become big (and often expensive) problems. During the maintenance service, our technicians thoroughly clean your unit, which helps with the indoor air quality inside your house.

5– Install an Air Purifier

At Keith Heating & Air, we recommend the installation of a photocatalytic air purifier, a whole house germicidal and odor reduction air treatment for better indoor air quality and overall healthier living. We use UVPhotoMAX™ which installs in any HVAC system, and provides benefits while purifying circulating air inside your home. This purifier freshens indoor air, eliminates odors, kills airborne bacteria, viruses, and allergens such as microscopic mold, and decomposes VOCs.

If you’d like to improve the air quality inside your home, contact our team at Keith Heating & Air. We can help make sure your HVAC maintenance is up to date, and your system operates at peak efficiency. Be sure to check out our bi-annual HVAC maintenance agreements, a great way to stay on track with this going forward!