Learn some common misconceptions about HVAC units and air conditioning repair!Myth 1– Having your AC serviced is a waste of money.

FALSE! Regular cleaning and air conditioner maintenance can help keep your unit running smoothly, and can help you avoid costly repairs. Especially in this southern summer heat, the last thing you want is your AC unit to go out on you!

Our team at Keith Heating & Air can help get you set up on a regular maintenance schedule to help prolong the life of your HVAC elements, and ensure you don’t have to endure August with AC issues. You’ll want to avoid mid summer AC repairs at all costs, and we can help.

Myth 2– You can save money on your electric bills by turning the AC off or bumping up the thermostat when you leave the house, and turning it back down when you return.

FALSE! This is certainly untrue. In fact, turning your AC off or adjusting the temperature when you’re going to be gone means you return to a hot house, and your unit has to work overtime to catch back up to where it needs to be. Most AC units also only run at one speed, so turning the thermostat lower doesn’t help either, it just forces your unit to run for a longer period of time to achieve the desired temperature.

Myth 3– You should be sure to change your thermostat when you leave the house.

FALSE! We actually recommend choosing a set temp where you are comfortable and leaving it there, unless of course you plan to be gone for an extended period on time, then we recommend raising the temperature (assuming you’re in AC mode) temporarily until you return. This is where programming can be a helpful energy saver, or even a wifi remote access capable controller will handle the job.

When it comes to air conditioning repairs and HVAC efficiency, remote access can be really helpful at creating energy savings.Myth 4– If you keep ceiling fans on, the air conditioner won’t have to run as much to cool the space.

FALSE! Fans don’t cool air, they simply circulate it. Use the ceiling fan in conjunction with your AC when you’re in the room, and turn them off when you leave to save energy.

Myth 5– Lowering the thermostat dramatically will cool a room more quickly.

FALSE! Air conditioning units operate at a consistent rate until they reach the set temperature. Thus, setting the thermostat to a very low temperature has zero effect on the rate of cooling for the space. This method is simply a waste of energy that results in the system cooling the space at its one and only speed of operation. Don’t do it, okay?

Myth 6– Your HVAC system will stay in better shape if you don’t use it as much.

FALSE! The average lifespan of an HVAC system is approximately 15 years, but if you don’t use it, clean it, and service it regularly, dust and dirt can collect in the air filter and ductwork. This is problematic on multiple fronts, one because your unit will have to work harder and use more energy, but also because that dirt, debris, and pollen leads to poorer air quality and potential health issues. To keep it working smoothly, have your HVAC system inspected at least twice per year. This is something our team can arrange for you with our helpful maintenance agreements.

If you need HVAC or AC repairs, or you’re interested in setting up a maintenance plan for your units, get in touch with us today. We’d love to help.