Efficient Heating Chattanooga — Is your HVAC System Working as it Should?Did you know that the average household spends more than $2,000 a year on energy bills, with nearly half of that going to heating and cooling costs? Ensuring that the temperature in your home is such to keep you and your family comfortable is incredibly important; but is your HVAC system really working for you the way it should be? If it’s not, you could be spending a lot of extra money on bills, exhausting your system, and even contributing more to greenhouse gas emissions. 

The energy used in the average household is responsible for twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as the average car. Pretty wild thought, isn’t it? When it comes to cooling and heating Chattanooga, Keith Heating & Air can help make sure not only your home maintains a comfortable temperature year round, but also that your HVAC unit is operating at peak efficiency. 

Things to Consider

  • Is your HVAC unit the right one for your space?
  • Are your energy bills perpetually higher than they used to be?
  • Is your system maintaining the desired temperature in your home?
  • Is the heating and cooling in your space even or patchy? 
  • Are you having your HVAC system serviced periodically?

Our team at Keith Heating & Air can assist with any of those issues above. If you’re experiencing any issues with your heating and air, our experienced techs can assess and diagnose the issue, and make recommendations about how to get your unit operating efficiently. It’s our goal to assist each customer with 

  • Keeping their home comfortable regardless of the season
  • Keeping their HVAC system operating efficiently
  • Ensuring they are not over paying on energy bills


Your HVAC Unit May Need Attention If…

If your HVAC system isn’t operating as it should, it will likely be very apparent to you. Consider working with our technicians if any of the following applies to the heating or cooling in your home.

  • Some rooms are hot and others are cold.
  • You have humidity issues or excessive dust.
  • Your HVAC unit requires frequent repairs.
  • Your energy bills are climbing.
  • Your heating or cooling systems are more than 10 years old.
  • You’re worried that your system may not be working as efficiently as it could be.
  • You leave your thermostat at a constant temperature.

Whether your heating and cooling situation necessitates the installation of new HVAC equipment or your existing system simply needs to be serviced, our team can help. When it comes to efficient cooling and heating Chattanooga, Keith Heating & Air will get you where you need to be.