Keith Heating & Air is the best choice for AC repair Chattanooga!Tennessee summer can be brutal! It’s hot and humid, and if your AC unit fails you, you’ll be in a world of trouble– or at the very least, you’ll be very uncomfortable till you can get the issue addressed by an HVAC repair company. But when it comes to AC repair Chattanooga, there are several things you’ll want to consider before you hire someone to handle the job.

1– Experience

You want someone repairing your AC who KNOWS what they’re doing. So you’ll want to do your homework, and find a company with a strong history, and lots of experience with AC repair. Commitment to their craft and longevity of service will tell you a lot about a business, and how invested they are in what they do.

Our team at Keith Heating & Air has you covered on those bases. With 40 years under their belts running a family-owned business, you know they care about their staff, their customers, and about providing the best possible services to customers across the Chattanooga, East Ridge, Fort Oglethorpe, Ringgold, and Rossville areas.

2– Reputation

Does the company you’ve chosen have a good reputation within the community? What are their customers saying about them? How long they’ve been in business is a good indication of how reputable a company is, but take some time to ask around, and make sure you’re working with good people with integrity. You want someone taking care of your home and your AC unit who cares about the outcome– who cares about doing the right thing, and isn’t going to upsell you things you don’t need, or bend the truth for a bigger sale.

3– Scope of Services

Does the HVAC company you’ve chosen offer a full scope of services? Checking out the range of services a provider offers can help you assess their level of expertise. Do their technicians have a solid, holistic understanding of HVAC systems and repairs? As a homeowner, it’s always beneficial to have a good working relationship with an HVAC company you can trust and rely on, and that’s us at Keith Heating & Air. We care about our customers. Save our number in your phone, and call on us anytime you have an issue with heating and cooling systems in your home.

Is your air conditioner in disrepair? Let Keith Heating & Air help you with AC repair Chattanooga.4– Financing Available?

Does the company you’ve selected for your AC repairs offer financing? Sometimes these services can be pricey, and when repair needs arise at an unforeseen time, that can be a stressor. At Keith Heating & Air, we offer easy-to-manage financing options to alleviate that financial stress when repair needs do arise at inopportune times.

5– Quality Products

Does the HVAC contractor you’ve selected use only the best quality products? Your heating and cooling systems in your home are critical for your quality of life and general comfort. You want to make sure you’re working with not only the best quality products, but the products that are most fitting for your specific space and needs. Efficiency is paramount here, as it will be directly reflected in your monthly bills. Our team at Keith Heating & Air knows their stuff, and will work diligently to ensure your HVAC set up is working properly, but also efficiently.

If you have an AC repair need in the Chattanooga area, or in North Georgia, we are here for you. Get in touch with our incredible team today. We’d love to help you! And don’t forget, we even offer 24-hour emergency service. We know issues don’t always occur at convenient times.